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Vital WellnessJunction.com is a comprehensive blog website dedicated to all things wellness and health-related. It serves as an educational platform to empower people in their quest towards holistic well-being with a wide variety of articles, books, workbooks, and reading materials. Whether you’re seeking information on physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, or self-care practices, Vital WellnessJunction.com offers a wealth of valuable resources to guide and inspire you.

At Vital WellnessJunction.com, the focus is on providing reliable and evidence-based content to promote optimal health and wellness. The website offers a wide range of topics, including workout routines, methods for lowering stress, wholesome diets, mindfulness exercises, and a great deal more. The website serves as a reliable resource for people looking for useful counsel, professional guidance, and insightful information on how to enjoy a happier and more meaningful life. Its goal is to educate and enlighten visitors.

With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to excellence, Vital WellnessJunction.com strives to create a positive and enriching experience for its visitors. This blog website is your go-to resource for powerful information and resources to assist your own wellness the journey whether you’re a health enthusiast, wellness seeker, or simply looking to increase your knowledge in many facets of well-being.

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Meet Atikh Sayyad, a highly experienced and compassionate  Psychologist and Psychiatric Social Worker with over 12 years of expertise in psychiatric rehab and de-addiction. He has been working for mentally ill and substance abuse such as anxiety, depression, OCD, Personality Disorder, Bipolar Mood Disorder, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer – Dementia, Sleep Disorder, Alcoholism, Substance Use Disorder and other Psychological health issues. With a Master of Social Work and Master of Clinical Psychology degree, Atikh specializes in psychotherapy, CBT, counseling, group therapy, career guidance and couple counseling. He hold a lifetime membership with the Counsellor Council of India (CCI) and are affiliated with the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP). Atikh’s commitment to professional growth is evident through his completion of a diploma in community mental health from NIMHANS. His unwavering dedication and extensive experience make Atikh a trusted resource in the field of Mental Health.

Atikh Sayyad

Psychologist & Psychiatric Social Worker, Psychotherapist, De-addiction Program Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Author





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